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Presenting the Klinger Lake Renovation


Our architect recommended Nick's Custom Homes to use for an exterior remodel.  Nick exceeeded our expcations every step of the way and we were thrilled with the final result!

Since we were having our lake home remodeled and we live out of state, we could not be there to oversee the work each week.  Nick is very reliable and we did not have to worry about him being there to get the job done.  Nick made great progress every week!  In fact, our neighbors commented on how it is rare to see a builder working on a home everyday until it is complete, especially when the owners are not around.  They also appeciated how clean he kept our yard and the street.

Nick was so efficient that he finished our job on time and that is with the addition of a new well, deck, sidewalk, driveway, and brick wall that were not in the original plans!  Nick was flexible and did not have a problem with us making changes or additions along the way.  He wanted us to be happy with our new home.  We also decided to use some products that Nick had not used before but he did not persuade us to use only what he was familiar with.  For example, we chose a deck material that is quite difficult to install and very different.  Nick installed what we wanted and it looks beautiful!  However, Nick did make suggestions where he felt it was necessary.  As a result, we took out the bench and railings on the part of the deck that faces the lake.  Instead we added stairs, which allowed us to have an open view of the lake!  This is just one example of Nick's input that we found to be very valuable.

Nick does quality work!  Our house is very old and there was a lot of work to do.  Some friends came to visit and thought we did a tear down when they drove up because it looked brand new.  The before and after pictures are unbelievable.  In fact, our architect used our home in his recent advertisements.

We never had a problem communicating with Nick.  Some weekends we would go check on the house and came up with new questions.  Nick would either make time to meet us at the lake house or respond immediately to our list of questions via phone or email.  He always made himself available!

We were so happy with Nick's work that we passed his name on to other neighbors for an interior remodel.  They just sent us an email about how happy they were with Nick's work.  We are also in the process of having Nick remodel four bathrooms as well!  We just wish we could use him at our home in IL.

We highly recommend Nick's Custom Homes and could not be happier with his work!

Kristen and Steve