Nick's Custom Built Homes

"We're not just building homes, we're building a reputation!"




Presenting Granger


"Nick's Custom Built Homes built our dream home and we are thrilled with the outcome.

After spending about a year developing our plan, we were nervous when it was time to hand our 'baby'

over to a builder- Nick Miller and his team, did a fabulous job executing our plan and taking us from

paper to real life.  

With a close relationship with our architect, Nick knew our plan better than we did.

He was at our job frequently, ensuring that things were being done right.  Nick demands excellence and

had a group of subs that respect him and did great work.  Nick led his team by example- always willing to

jump in and help.  During the building process we saw Nick work with his team- making decisions, mentoring,

collaborating on a tricky situation- always treating others with respect.  Nick's cost plus fee method of building

was 100% transparent, we always knew where our money was being spent.  Nick was always willing to look

over our numbers and help us to know where we were with our budget.  

While Nick was building our house, he had other projects going on- but we never felt like he

didn't have a handle on our project- he was always available for a quick question and would make himself

available for a meeting or walk through when the need arose- we always felt like a priority.  He was great to

work with, his energy and passion were amazing and his experience helped us make good decisions.  During

a final walk through he went through a bathroom door- thought fora minute, then changed the swing of the

door- because he knew we wouldn't like it the way it was- HE HAD OUR BACK through the entire process 

and really wanted us to have a great home.  

Finally, we got to know Nick as a person and he is a great man.  His work ethic, integrity, faith and love for 

his family are apparent to all- - Nick was always quick to brag on his girls or share a sweet memory of family.

He wasn't afraid to get his hands dirty- he personally added extra railing to our construction stairs, because

we were there with our preschooler and he wanted her to be safe.  He earned our respect and friendship during

this process.

 I would recommend Nick to anyone who wants a friendly builder, who cares about quality, his

customers and the final product.  I hope we never build again (because our house is fantastic!) but if we did-

I wouldn't want anyone but Nick Miller to do the job!"

-Thanks,  From Our Family